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Main Objectives of this position:

QSC PTO coordinator has an overall responsibility of Vessel & Cargo Operations for HL Area   assigned to him/her.


Functions and Duties:

General Tasks and Responsibilities


1.     To ensure tasks completion as per agreed SLA with Areas / Region.

a.     Arrange Load/Discharge

i.       check and trace pending container

ii.      check customs status

iii.     check DG documentation and acceptance

iv.    check import discrepancies before vessel arrival

v.     create and evaluate no move status for container

vi.    create and provide TBU

vii.   handle COD

viii.  handle late runner

ix.    insert container no. and stowage position for DG

x.     maintain terminal dates

xi.    coordinate for OOG handing and approvals as per HL guidelines

xii.   check on DG Cargo patrol hold containers.

b.     Distribute Load/Discharge Information

i.       provide DG manifest

ii.      submission of Load and Discharge list to Terminal

iii.     provide load/discharge information (summary)

iv.    provide reefer and special containers manifest

c.     Finalize Load/Discharge

i.       co-ordinate and share TDR for system updates

ii.      share final sailing onboard / discharge list to all concerns for system clean up

iii.     maintain shutout reports and distribute for system updates and cost recoveries

iv.    create and submit main terminal Work orders

v.     creation port Work orders

vi.    creation of additional work orders

vii.   validate actual versus planned load/discharge information

d.     Handle Vessel Call

i.       maintain round voyage (actuals)

ii.      Obtain or maintain VIA / Rotation number from Terminal and Customs

e.     Organize ad hoc Special Handlings

i.       apply new seal

ii.      handle reefer temperature deviations

iii.     resolve DG placard issues

iv.    handling re-exports, and long standing and ensure timely movement / return of units

v.     keeping track of Import evacuation of container from terminals and ensure all movement completed with terminal free period

vi.    clear terminal invoices

vii.   notify to all stakeholders for cost recovery for all additional operational cost.


f.      Any additional task not specified above





1.       TBU/CBF timeline to follow. (as per defined timeframe of ETA -48 Hrs)

2.       TBU/CBF Quality to be maintain 95% and above (Loaded as booked)

3.       Sailing Onboard to be send within 6 hrs of vessel sailed to maintain Quality Promises.

4.       TPFREP / TDR to be send within 24 hrs of vessel sailed

5.       Work orders KPI to be meet. i.e. 48 hrs timeline after activity completed.

6.       Variable / Terminal Others Cost

7.       Reduction of Operational cost to company.



Success Criteria for Position:


Communication/Organization Skills

·       Good Communication skills required

·       Time management skills



·       Positive attitude can do attitude

·       Proactive

·       Enthusiasm and team spirit

·       High commitment to task




Mit einer Flotte von 258 modernen Containerschiffen und einer Gesamttransportkapazität von 1,9 Millionen TEU ist Hapag-Lloyd eine der weltweit führenden Linienreedereien. Das Unternehmen ist mit rund 14.000 Mitarbeitenden an Standorten in 135 Ländern mit knapp 400 Büros präsent. Hapag-Lloyd verfügt über einen Containerbestand von 2,9 Millionen TEU – inklusive einer der größten und modernsten Kühlcontainerflotten. Weltweit 115 Liniendienste sorgen für schnelle und zuverlässige Verbindungen zwischen mehr als 600 Häfen auf allen Kontinenten. Hapag-Lloyd gehört in den Fahrtgebieten Transatlantik, Mittlerer Osten, Lateinamerika sowie Intra-Amerika zu den führenden Anbietern.

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Anjali Panchal